Overview of The Rose

This book focuses on the star knowledge that was imparted to the Dogon people by the Nummo, who lived in the Solar System before humanity. Symbolism suggests they came from Mars and from the Alpha Centauri System. The main purpose of the Dogon religion was to warn humanity about the fail-safes embedded into the Universe. The Nummo were unaware of these fail-safes when they carried out an experiment that destroyed life on Mars, and ultimately left our Solar System with only one Sun. According to the Dogon, all aspects of life are interconnected and associated with suns. The loss of our second Sun caused some Nummo and eventually humans to be born mortal. Our lost Sun and immortality, are at the heart of the Dogon religion.

The Dogon's teaching of astrophysics, with the use of simple concepts, is described in detail in The Rose and sets the stage for an understanding of what happened here. I used the title of "The Rose" for this book because the image of a red giant star expelling its gas looks like a red rose. This one symbol allowed me to bring to light all of the dark secrets that were hidden there waiting to be unveiled. It was through the symbol of the rose that I was able to connect many ancient groups and beliefs, which are rooted in this one tragic, cosmic event. A red giant star is at the heart and soul of the Dogon religion and other ancient religions. My research reveals that it is the basis for all ancient myths about swallowing, spinning, hunting, sacrifice, and regeneration. I believe that all religions emanate from knowledge about astrophysics that was imparted to humanity by the Nummo.

The Dogon people were still living in their oral culture right up until the time Griaule recorded these inner teachings taught to him by the Dogon elder Ogotemmêli. I believe that this oral record written down by Marcel Griaule in 1946 and published in 1948 under the French title, Dieu d'Eau (Conversations with Ogotemmêli), is the most important historical document in the world today. The fact that most scholars don't understand the symbolism in this document doesn't negate its significance. Even though Marcel Griaule lacked the scientific knowledge to comprehend the genetic engineering, alien beings and astrophysics described to him by Ogotemmêli, today we are able to understand many of the symbols he recorded. Other Dogon beliefs recorded by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen in The Pale Fox, (Le Renard Pâle) are things that scientists have just discovered in the past few years thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope. This book provides the reader with an understanding of Dogon cosmology and explains why this record was left for us by the Nummo and why it is so important.

It might be useful to read my three previous books, The Master [Mistress] of Speech, The Nummo, and Day of the Fish, to give you some background for understanding The Rose. All of the symbols in the religion are interconnected and each book is based on an understanding of the symbols from the previous book.

Below is the Table of Contents to give the reader an idea of the subjects covered in The Rose.

1.Swallowing and Pregnant Suns8
2.Compact Stars and Amma's Dance25
3.Nebulae, Centaurs and Stolen Fleece38
4.Black Holes and Pot Making59
5.Fermentation, Beer Brewing and Wormholes72
6.Spinning, Torsion and the Octave85
7.Sagittarius A* and Ogo's Experiment98
8.Circumcision, Orion and the Hunt118
9.Father Time, Castration and Procyon B139
10.Spiritual Principles and the Return to Earth160
11.Agriculture, Goat Herders and The Word175
12.Perseus, Gorgons, Algol and Decapitation196
13.Amma, the Nummo Die, and the Diamond213
14Albigensiens, Leda and the Egg226
15.The Ark, Pelu tolo, Virgo and Spica 238
16.Venus, the Kanaga and the Birds263
17.Path of the Blood and "One Must Know"289
18.Jupiter, Venus and Our Second Sun321
19.Marsyas, the Masons, Spartans and Dionysus342
20.Aphrodite, Shells and Sunsets366
21.Argonauts, Hesperides, Pan and Silenus389
22.The Rose405
25.Reference Notes458

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Chapter 1. Swallowing and Pregnant Suns